100 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
_N0x eb1937c691 fixed tmux yank 3 months ago
_N0x 7b59554e7c fixed some lfrc issues with fish-shell 4 months ago
_N0x 891df806ae localshare 4 months ago
_N0x a4a1cb0242 wheeeeee lf 4 months ago
_N0x fc00db05bf Rewriting lfrc function to work with fish shell 5 months ago
_N0x 6f6a59457c More funny lf things 5 months ago
_N0x e721a014b6 mime stuff 5 months ago
_N0x 9602ddf9f8 lf stuff 5 months ago
_N0x 465c107a89 lf and zathura 5 months ago
_N0x 4a119c9fe9 „fish/.config/fish/config.fish“ ändern 5 months ago
_N0x 74ce4577e1 updates to config fixing themes and stuff 6 months ago
_N0x 54e0dbd116 fixed nvim tree setup 7 months ago
_N0x 228f20862a fixed outdated dunst conf 8 months ago
_N0x fb623dd26b Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' 8 months ago
_N0x 2a2a0fc409 fixed broken theming 8 months ago
_N0x 01662e905f Many fixes to nvim :) 1 year ago
_N0x 0786c38978 Fixes to outdated lsp stuff in nvim 1 year ago
_N0x 89638090db Fixed nvim plugins and nvim-tree config 1 year ago
_N0x 2dedc8ed32 moved default vimwiki dir 1 year ago
_N0x 059d57db1f extended statusbar by available update counter 1 year ago
_N0x 8e98ab2db9 added some progs to autostart script 1 year ago
_N0x 247bf61088 Added missing yank.sh file 2 years ago
_N0x afa8f68219 updated tmux plugins 2 years ago
_N0x 11db3284ea fixed config issues 2 years ago
_N0x a1a5e2c783 fish added java fix 2 years ago
_N0x d7ab9dc504 Fixed nvim issues and added vimwiki 2 years ago
_N0x 9c280e6cb3 fixed nvim config 2 years ago
_N0x 37ddabca82 removed gtktheme files from repo 2 years ago
_N0x 7d3ba6c888 Added bass and fish_ssh_agent to fish config 2 years ago
_N0x 2570c19b2b Updates to my nvim config 2 years ago
_N0x 767e85e7c3 Updated fish config 2 years ago
_N0x ba2fc8e68d Updated tmux sub modules 2 years ago
_N0x 3506327493 Fixed issue with tabs not being shown correctly in nvim 2 years ago
_N0x 571fd6685d Minior changes to configs 2 years ago
_N0x cab43399e8 Added missing clangd.lua config file 2 years ago
_N0x cb351d4aac Updated and fixed neovim config 2 years ago
_N0x 9d1cc2fb39 Fixed issues in nvim config 2 years ago
_N0x fc87ac1fec Added fix for terminal colors in nested tmux and nvim 2 years ago
_N0x 9bd48adb13 gitsigns keymap 2 years ago
_N0x b2fd17c30f Added gitsigns to nvim 2 years ago
_N0x ee15de8947 Removed depricated option from nvim-tree 2 years ago
_N0x f0e69c0c72 Removed zsh stuff from repo (still in branch zsh) 2 years ago
_N0x 0d019fd29d Removed broken line 2 years ago
_N0x 697b6cbeb6 added lsd commands to fish config 2 years ago
_N0x e2dfd3af52 Removed packer_compiled.lua 2 years ago
_N0x df51437af2 Added statusline to nvim 2 years ago
_N0x 8fd16eda7c Removed sudo alias for doas 2 years ago
_N0x 9ce9922227 Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' 2 years ago
_N0x d860d44f44 Added Format command to nvim 2 years ago
_N0x c098312b3d updated how PWD is displayed 2 years ago