Personal setup files for my suckless tools
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_N0x a4d5b49d43 Removed unused dwm 6.3 dir 11 months ago
dmenu-5.0 Fixed some colorings in dmenu as well 3 years ago
dmenu-5.1 Updated dmenu to 5.1 and applied and updated patches 2 years ago
dmenu-5.2 Upgraded dmenu to 5.2 11 months ago
dwm-6.2 Applied the centerd master with gaps fix patch 2 years ago
slock-1.4 slock stuff 3 years ago
slock-1.5 Upgraded slock to 1.5 11 months ago
st-0.8.4 applied the anysize xclear patch 2 years ago
st-0.8.5 Updated st to version 0.8.5. Updated patches as well 2 years ago
st-0.9 Upgraded st to 0.9 and added back patches 11 months ago
.gitignore Fixed newterm patch for st§ 3 years ago
.gitmodules Added autostart patch to dwm. Added dwmblocks. 4 years ago Initial commit after some playing around with dwm, dmenu and st 4 years ago


My personal setup of suckless tools and programs. Currently consiting of dwm, dmenu and st

For details on how to run and setup suckless programs see!